Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ice Hockey Classic Fun Facts

What is new with the IHC this year?

Clear boards!

How long does it take to build the Ice?

3 days.  2 days for ice and 1 day for boards.

How fast is a slap shot?

A puck can travel at speeds of 160 km/hr.


Why should I go to the games when we have hockey in Australia?

Atmosphere, skilled hockey players and support in raising funds and awareness for neurotrauma.

Where does the money go?

Brain Injury Australia, StopConcussions globally, Shoot for a Cure, local organizations; in the past we have provided contributions to the AIHL, IHA, Ice Factor, LGBTQ, Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Can I help any other way?

Yes!  You can donate directly to the Brain Injury Australia or join us at any of our activities.